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1946 Olds Super Bb trumpet                       


email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com

This is a 1946 Los Angeles Olds Super that has been restored with new lacquer by Charlie Melk.  The valves were in good shape, but the leadpipe was damaged  and the lacquer was worn, so we decided it was worth new lacquer.  A new leadpipe matching the original was installed and although there is quite a bit of wear to the brass on the valve casing, but there was is no wear to the brass on the slides.   

This horn is in excellent playing condition. This trumpet clean inside and out.  All slides are smooth.  Engraving is sharp and clear.

Olds serial numbers of this era are a bit of a mystery, and it is unclear what level of production Olds had during the war, but this horn has the "pre-war" features of a brace on the tuning slide and brass tone ring on the bell.  The stop rod mechanism on the third valve slide is missing, but although the third slide is smooth and operates freely, the tubes are designed so the slide does not easily come all the way without some effort.  The stop rod assembly is available from a seller on ebay.

Does not come with a case, but we can supply a generic case or gig bag if requested.

Brass lacquered finish
Nickel plated valves
Third valve slide dump end
Lightweight body and bell
Bore: .460" Medium-Large Bore
Matching serial numbers on all valve pistons, slides, top caps and valve stems
New springs, felts and corks
1st slide saddle
Single pin Brass Valve Guides
Trombone style lever water key on tuning slide and 3rd valve slide

email us about this trumpet - centexbrass@gmail.com


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